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Dear Anton,

Let’s looks at the facts not references to "de facto as a civil society movement” under Russian law:
  1. As far as I know the official list of ENOG founders does neither exist nor publish on the website enog.org
  2. The domain enog.org is owned by RIPE NCC
  3. 1st ENOG meeting started with the words "Dear colleagues, I am glad to welcome you at the 1st international meeting of ENOG–the Eurasian Forum of Internet Operators – co-hosted by RIPE NCC and the Coordination Center for TLD RU” - no reference to any civil society movement.
  4. Each ENOG had a list of hosts and sponsors and I have never seen any "civil society movement” you mentioned in these lists
  5. RIPE NCC is located in Amsterdam, the Kingdom of the Netherlands i.e. it is under Dutch (not Russian) law
Based on the facts above I assume RIPE NCC has all necessary rights to do what many of us is asking: cancelling ENOG for good.

I do see option two:

A permanent ban on all participants from Russia and Belarus in future ENOG events.  Would that work?

Let’s have a honest discussion.

Also, as ENOG seems to be comprised of all the countries that used to be under Moscow sphere of influence, I wonder if Finland should join. 

Yours sincerely,
Maksym Tulyuk
Former ENOG PC member