Dear all,

I hope this email finds you and your loved ones safe.

We at the RIPE NCC have been following the discussions on the thread. Allow me to share with you our thoughts and our suggested plan moving forward.

In recent years it has become clear that national / local engagements allow for better understanding and support of the local needs. This led the RIPE NCC to increase the number of events such as the Internet Measurement Days, RIPE NCC Days, as well as national member lunches and Open Houses. 

There have been some discussions over the last few years on how to hand over the organisation of the ENOG meeting back to the community. At the last ENOG meeting (ENOG 18), the Program committee organised a Bird of a Feather (BoF) session on the ENOG charter, soliciting feedback from the community on how the future meeting organisation should look, however there was little agreement in terms of a clear path for the ENOG meeting

Here are my thoughts moving forward. 

Needless to say, the question of whether the ENOG meetings carry on and in what form is ultimately a matter for the community to decide and, when that time comes, the RIPE NCC will be happy to sponsor the event as it does for other community-led Network Operator Groups in the service region.  

I would imagine that the peering and interconnection landscape in the region will see major changes in the coming months. The RIPE NCC will be able to support the local communities with workshops, presentations and measurements customised to the development needs of the local technical communities. 

We currently have staff based in Armenia, Russia and Ukraine and will be looking over the next few months to add more technical experts to support the additional plans of engagement with the community. 

For more information on our External Engagement and Community plans, please refer to our Activity Plan and Budget 2022:

We will be publishing a RIPE Labs article soon with more details on our community development key focus areas throughout the RIPE NCC service region and as always we look to our community for feedback on how to best serve their development and engagement needs.

Hisham Ibrahim
Chief Community Officer

On 4 Mar 2022, at 02:43, Töma Gavrichenkov <> wrote:

(which is my usual greeting message, always was, and will ever be, —
because the only thing I've always valued the most is peace)

As the Programme Committee Chair of the Eurasian Network Operators
Group (ENOG), I, hereby, with all due respect, request that the RIPE
Executive Board formally dissolve ENOG and cancel all the potential
future meetings indefinitely.

Rationale: ENOG was founded in 2011 per the decision of the RIPE
Executive Board, and it was assumed to be incorporating Ukrainian,
Russian, Belarusian, Armenian, Azerbaijanian, and many other regional
communities in the hope of building a better shared Internet space
among the communities.

In view of the recent events (if not even the prior events), the said
"ENOG community" does not exist anymore, and in no way it could be
clear to the Programme Committee how to arrange a programme for all
the distinct and divided communities colloqually recognized as ENOG at
the time.

Technically, under normal circumstances, a request like this should've
gone through a voting process in the PC; however, we currently have
several PC members under ongoing _missile attacks_, and I therefore
don't believe it is sane to arrange any vote in the PC.

Additionally, at the moment, being a Russian citizen, I don't believe
I should assume there's a consensus in the entire RIPE Service Region
to still invest trust in me, without further due diligence, to hold
any official community position in the RIPE community; therefore, I
hereby step down as the PC Chair.

It's now up to the members of the RIPE NCC Executive Board to decide
on future actions, and I urge the RIPE NCC Executive Board to act.  It
is entirely up to the RIPE NCC Executive Board to consider any future
alignments to replace ENOG.

Stay safe.


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