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Dear colleagues,

The ENOG Programme Committee (PC) is getting ready to start working on
the programme for the ENOG15 meeting, which will take place in Moscow,
Russia 4-5 June 2017.

The PC has already attracted a strong team of industry experts with
diverse regional and international experience, and we are looking for
new members to join us.

What is expected from a PC member?

- To actively participate in forming the programme of the ENOG meeting.
This implies active participation in the PC activities (teleconferences,
on-site meetings, reviews, etc.) and working towards reaching consensus
on decision points. 

- To actively seek content that is relevant and interesting to the ENOG
community. This includes reaching out to presenters of interesting
talks, people involved in projects, research or other activities that
may be of interest to the community.

- To stay aware of the topics that address the needs and interests of
the ENOG community. This requires good knowledge of relevant regional
and/or international issues and usually assumes attendance of ENOG meetings.

- To actively publicize the meeting and its agenda to potential
attendees, using both personal contacts and social networking.

If you meet the above requirements and are willing to commit your
expertise and energy to the work of the ENOG PC, please send an email
and tell us about yourself and your motivation to: <pc@enog.org>. Please
do this no later than *November 27, 2017*.

Your time and participation matters so join us and volunteer today!

More information about ENOG: http://www.enog.org/

Programme Committee charter: http://www.enog.org/about/pc/charter/

Kind regards,
Sergey Myasoedov
for the ENOG Programme Committee