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Peace Taras, 

• The RIPE NCC will postone organising the upcoming ENOG 19 / RIPE NCC Regional Meeting, originally planned to be held 20-21 June 2022, Moscow, Russia.

Needless to say, the question of whether the ENOG meetings carry on and in what form is ultimately a matter for the community to decide and, when that time comes, the RIPE NCC will be happy to sponsor the event as it does for other community-led Network Operator Groups in the service region.

The population of Russia is greater than the overall population of other countries from the ENOG region. What way of voting do you propose?

Taras, you know very well that a sense of community can not be faked or forced. 

• The RIPE NCC will reallocate the funds budgeted for holding the ENOG event towards organising more local engagements throughout the Eurasian region. 

Something tells me that I should not wait for the RIPE events in Ukraine soon. May I ask you where do you plan to invest money for the next events?

I am happy to share with you some of the things we had already started working on based on community feedback and identified local needs.

- Local community events / NOG support
The RIPE NCC provides funding through sponsorship for local NOGs and sends staff to speak or attend at a wide range of local community events in our service region.
To name a few from the region AM, GE and soon KZ.

If there are any local community events / NOGs that require RIPE NCC support please mail us at: event-support@ripe.net 

We also have a NOG organisers list: 
And I see Alex Semenyaka added as a representative of UANOG.

RIPE NCC Day provide a forum for network engineers and other technical staff to share knowledge and experiences, and learn more about how they can receive support from the RIPE NCC in various avenues – including technical, policy development and training. The upcoming event is planned to be held in UZ

- Internet Measurement Days:
The Internet Measurement Day is a series of events organised by the RIPE NCC and ICANN promoting Internet measurement tools to local communities across the RIPE NCC service region. I would imagine these events will become more popular very soon. 
The last event was held virtually with the GE community.

- ISOC, EuroIX and the RIPE NCC have started last year an online event called the virtual peering series - Central Asia.
The Virtual Peering Series is open to all network operators, content providers, government, academic and other public institutions, as well as industry associations primarily in Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, and Uzbekistan (although others with an interest in the region are also welcome).

As the world goes back to some version of normal, we are planning on kickstarting a physical peering event with community members interested in peering and interconnection in these countries.

- Open houses:
The RIPE NCC Open House is a ninety-minute remote session where RIPE NCC staff, community members and industry experts can meet up and share insights, feedback and support. We already have a session that will focus on the Central Asian Internet community that will be held on the 30th of March.

As the world goes back to some version of normal, we are planning on going back to in-person national meetings like member lunches as well as technical training workshops. of course for areas that we are not be able to travel to we still offer a large range of online technical workshops through:
The training webinars https://www.ripe.net/support/training/webinars
and RIPE academy: https://academy.ripe.net/

As I mentioned in my previous email there will be a RIPE Labs article produced soon with more details on our community development key focus areas. However, I did want to list a few of them in this email so that the the mailing list members can begin to think of what kind of additional engagement / support they would like to see from the RIPE NCC to support their local needs.

I hope this was useful.
Hisham Ibrahim
Chief Community Officer 

I would imagine that the peering and interconnection landscape in the region will see major changes in the coming months. The RIPE NCC will be able to support the local communities with workshops, presentations and measurements customised to the development needs of the local technical communities. 

• The RIPE NCC will increase its technical capabilities throughout the Eurasian region to support the local communities with their needs.

We currently have staff based in Armenia, Russia and Ukraine and will be looking over the next few months to add more technical experts to support the additional plans of engagement with the community. 

For more information on our External Engagement and Community plans, please refer to our Activity Plan and Budget 2022:

We will be publishing a RIPE Labs article soon with more details on our community development key focus areas throughout the RIPE NCC service region and as always we look to our community for feedback on how to best serve their development and engagement needs.

Hisham Ibrahim
Chief Community Officer

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(which is my usual greeting message, always was, and will ever be, —
because the only thing I've always valued the most is peace)

As the Programme Committee Chair of the Eurasian Network Operators
Group (ENOG), I, hereby, with all due respect, request that the RIPE
Executive Board formally dissolve ENOG and cancel all the potential
future meetings indefinitely.

Rationale: ENOG was founded in 2011 per the decision of the RIPE
Executive Board, and it was assumed to be incorporating Ukrainian,
Russian, Belarusian, Armenian, Azerbaijanian, and many other regional
communities in the hope of building a better shared Internet space
among the communities.

In view of the recent events (if not even the prior events), the said
"ENOG community" does not exist anymore, and in no way it could be
clear to the Programme Committee how to arrange a programme for all
the distinct and divided communities colloqually recognized as ENOG at
the time.

Technically, under normal circumstances, a request like this should've
gone through a voting process in the PC; however, we currently have
several PC members under ongoing _missile attacks_, and I therefore
don't believe it is sane to arrange any vote in the PC.

Additionally, at the moment, being a Russian citizen, I don't believe
I should assume there's a consensus in the entire RIPE Service Region
to still invest trust in me, without further due diligence, to hold
any official community position in the RIPE community; therefore, I
hereby step down as the PC Chair.

It's now up to the members of the RIPE NCC Executive Board to decide
on future actions, and I urge the RIPE NCC Executive Board to act.  It
is entirely up to the RIPE NCC Executive Board to consider any future
alignments to replace ENOG.

Stay safe.


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