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Добрый день!
Мы, как операторы связи, должны быть аполитичны!
Не надо смешивать политику и оказание услуг связи пользователям.

Today, world wide telecommunications leader Cogent has complety canceled, terminated, dissolved, and disconnected all circuits, links, and operator premises equipment serving their customers in Russian Federation.

There was less than 2 days notice of the fact.

The law of its jurisdiction, United States, did not compel it to this drastic action, as no sanctions has been levied against telecom operators in Russia yet (ok, perhaps couple of State Duma parliamentary members owns an ISP - although I highly doubt that.)

During the undeclared war, Ukrainian National railway operator, Ukrzaliznytsya, has terminated all interconnect points with RZhD, Russian railways. They did so to inhibit a flow of weapons and military, and carry neither insignia nor flags.

I would like to remind our community of our meeting in Minsk.  Would you go there now? There are missiles shot, southward from it.

The purpose of ENOG was the same of my favorite company, Nokia, whose slogan was “connecting people.”  We cannot do it until the bloodshed stops, the criminal regime of Russia goes to trial in The Hague, and the complicit in war crime population of Russia goes through the process of deputinization. [1]

I am using this opportunity to resign from ENOG PC.  I can be last member that went to most meetings, and was still hoping for good.  Until now.  I have ENOG logos on my credit cards.

The RIPE community can definitely decide to resurrect the ENOG, perhaps in this way: to join some countries with SEE, and some with MENOG.  I would not join until this war ends.