Dear Vahan,

We must separate words and messages from facts and reality. Here, the words and the messages: ENOG (Eurasia Network Operators Group) is the forum where technology experts from Eastern Europe, Caucasus and Central Asia. The facts and the reality: despite all the regional claims ENOG always was Russian speaking, exUSSR oriented forum. So, by closing ENOG we just accept the reality.

Best withes,
Maksym Tulyuk
On 16 Mar 2022, 16:28 +0100, Vahan Hovsepyan <>, wrote:
Hi, Maksym and all!

I might agree or disagree with your position on what you call
fundamental human things, we can have a dispute on this matters and have
a complete understanding, develop activities and actions, but, in my
understanding, NOG platform is not a place for such discussions.

ENOG definition is-ENOG (Eurasia Network Operators Group) is the forum
where technology experts from Eastern Europe, Caucasus and Central Asia
gather to discuss core operational issues and share ideas in evolving
the Internet in the region.

MENOG definition is-The Middle East Network Operators Group Meeting and
Peering Forum (MENOG) offers a platform for key Internet builders in the
region to learn from their peers and other leaders in the Internet
community from around the world.

Should the technical community discuss what is happening now in Ukraine
AND other countries of RIPE NCC service region, call for actions,
activities, have a position papers, etc? Definitely yes, we are humans
and citizens apart of everything, we feel the pain and each of us has
his own political views. But this, I believe, should not be at the
platforms, called to be the place for technical discussions.

With all the respect,


As it is On 2022-03-16 17:46, Maksym Kozub wrote:
Hi Vahan and everybody.

16.03.2022 13:41, Vahan Hovsepyan wrote:
At the time of changes, it is very important to keep communication
alive, especially when we see so many new threats for the networks
each day.

Communication _is_ important; I know it as a human being, as an
Internet user from early 1990s (and BITNET user since mid-1980s), as a
professional interpreter and translator for the last 27 years, etc.
_However_, in the same way as there is "a time to scatter stones and a
time to gather them, a time to embrace and a time to refrain from
embracing", there are times to keep and develop communication, and
times to refrain from communication with some parties.

It is not about politics as such; it is about fundamental human
things. Russia has recently demonstrated that it does not care about
those things. It has demonstrated as a country that it does not want
to be a part of the global community (even though many of its citizens
disagree with that position). Therefore, while the Internet is a
global communication platform of great value, there are limits to any
communication, in terms of using this platform, discussing it,
developing it, etc.

I clearly understand that it would be unrealistic to expect any action
whereby Russian entities would be deprived of all their IPv4 and IPv6
blocks, routing from and to Russian ASs would be blocked, etc.
However, if it would happen, I would welcome it.

Sapienti sat.


Vahan Hovsepyan
External Relations Officer
Central Asia and Caucasus
Tel.+374 94 258900

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