Your apoliticality has already led to a full-scale war.

Russian artillery shells the residential areas of Kharkiv, Kyiv, Boyarka, Irpen, Bucha, Chernigov, Sumy and many others.

Russian soldiers rape Ukrainian women.

Thank you, we are full of apoliticality and are ready to talk to you only when you find the courage to confront your war criminals. Until then, you are partners in war crimes.

On 04.03.2022 15:50, Nadezhda O. Kupina wrote:
Добрый день!
Мы, как операторы связи, должны быть аполитичны!
Не надо смешивать политику и оказание услуг связи пользователям.

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Hi all,

As a member of ENOG PC I completely support the position expressed
in Töma's letter and fully agree with ENOG dissolve.

> On 4 Mar 2022, at 00:43, Töma Gavrichenkov <> wrote:
> Peace,
> (which is my usual greeting message, always was, and will ever be, —
> because the only thing I've always valued the most is peace)
> As the Programme Committee Chair of the Eurasian Network Operators
> Group (ENOG), I, hereby, with all due respect, request that the RIPE
> Executive Board formally dissolve ENOG and cancel all the potential
> future meetings indefinitely.
> Rationale: ENOG was founded in 2011 per the decision of the RIPE
> Executive Board, and it was assumed to be incorporating Ukrainian,
> Russian, Belarusian, Armenian, Azerbaijanian, and many other regional
> communities in the hope of building a better shared Internet space
> among the communities.
> In view of the recent events (if not even the prior events), the said
> "ENOG community" does not exist anymore, and in no way it could be
> clear to the Programme Committee how to arrange a programme for all
> the distinct and divided communities colloqually recognized as ENOG at
> the time.
> Technically, under normal circumstances, a request like this should've
> gone through a voting process in the PC; however, we currently have
> several PC members under ongoing _missile attacks_, and I therefore
> don't believe it is sane to arrange any vote in the PC.
> Additionally, at the moment, being a Russian citizen, I don't believe
> I should assume there's a consensus in the entire RIPE Service Region
> to still invest trust in me, without further due diligence, to hold
> any official community position in the RIPE community; therefore, I
> hereby step down as the PC Chair.
> It's now up to the members of the RIPE NCC Executive Board to decide
> on future actions, and I urge the RIPE NCC Executive Board to act.  It
> is entirely up to the RIPE NCC Executive Board to consider any future
> alignments to replace ENOG.
> Stay safe.
> --
> Töma
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Taras Heichenko

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