Hi Nabil - 

One more question.  Dad is going to need a European bank account too.  Do you have a recommended Spanish bank or banks that he should look to do business with?  Would you also be able to assist us in setting this up too?


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If there are doubts about the viability of the existence of ENOG,
there are proper, democratic voting procedures.

To be fair, we're in the middle of a democratic procedure *right now*.

It's been a while (24 hours to be precise) for the community members to stand against the proposal I've made.

We typically assumed 300-500 participants during a face to face ENOG event each time, once or twice a year.  I have announced that these hundreds if not thousands of people won't ever be visiting ENOG meetings in the foreseeable future.

With a message extreme as that, we've got, estimating roughly, much less than 20 complaints in 24 hours.

...Got nothing else to add.
Please stay safe no matter what.

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