Dear colleagues,

Let me inform you that ENOG PC starts accepting applications for presentations for the ENOG 17/RIPE NCC Regional Meeting, which will take place as a virtual event, 7-8 June 2021.

Please submit your talk, including the abstract and draft version of the slides before 14 May 2021 for full consideration. Proposals submitted after this date will be considered depending on the available slots.

Make sure to read the submission guidelines before submitting your presentation proposal.

The submission form is available here.

Key themes for ENOG are peering, operational practices, interconnection and collaboration between Internet service providers (ISPs). We welcome presentations on challenges, tools, experiences, and best practices in the following areas:

  • Internet Development Trends
    • New technologies and applications and the evolution of the Internet ecosystem
    • Internet measurements, analytics, and predictions of Internet development
  • Internet Coordination, Governance, and Regulatory Practices
    • Internet-related legislation and its impact, multi-stakeholder model, challenges and opportunities
    • Public initiatives and projects in the areas of Internet governance and coordination, research and deployment of new technologies
  • Peering and Internet Exchange Points
    • Business, technical and social aspects of peering and interconnection
  • Network Operations and Security
    • Operational experience and best current practices, security trends and technologies and threats overview
    • DDoS mitigation
  • Key Internet Technologies
    • New protocols and technologies: segment routing, QUIC, 5G, etc.
    • Real-life deployment experience (eg for IPv6 and DNSSEC), trends, and statistics
    • Software-defined networking and network automation
    • Internet of Things (IoT)
  • Content Delivery
    • Technology, architecture, and business models

If you have any questions and/or you are aware of a good presentation and would like to recommend a speaker, please contact the ENOG Programme Committee at pc [at] enog [dot] org.

This text is also available here.


Best regards,

Alex Semenyaka

On behalf of the ENOG Programme Committee