Hi Aleksi!

I am 100% sure that we in Ukraine will have a normal face-to-face NOG meeting right after the war.

But regional coordination is also a thing, so the idea of CENOG looks really promising to me. Not as a separate big shiny NOG (at least, at the beginning), but exactly as a coordination instrument.

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On 10/03/2022 22:14, Alex Semenyaka wrote:
> There is UANOG. It never gathered as a face-to-face meeting, but it is
> alive as a mailing list during like last 20 years...
> I do believe that it can be augmented with meetings, why not?

While I'm not Ukrainian, I say you definitely should have local NOG
meetings too. Nothing makes local IXPs and ISPs grow more than meeting
the others in person. Regional NOG meetings have their place and
purpose, but local NOGs are possibly even more important.

> But also I do believe that horizontal interaction between different NOGs
> in similar countries could be really profitable, and here CENOG can help
> as an umbrella. Not substitution for the national NOGs, but a mechanism
> providing their interaction between each other.

RIPE has the nog-org mailing list for this purpose:


RIPE is also organising an open house for NOG organisers in April:


I think the best way forward is to take a little bit of a breather,
maybe a year or two, and use that time to create new connections with
other NOGs and rekindle old ones.

When the dust has settled we should rethink what we want and what we
need. Maybe it's ENOG, maybe it's CENOG, maybe it's something else -
time will tell. But making hasty decisions right now doesn't seem like a
good idea in the long run.

I am from Finland, why am I here?

Well ... I'm part of the team that runs NOG meetings in Finland, and
some years ago RIPE told me to join this mailing list to advertise our
events. I was also planning to propose a bid to host an ENOG meeting in
Finland, but it seems that's not going to happen now.

Anyway, we are planning our next nog.fi meeting on Wednesday June 15th
in Tampere, Finland. As our plans mature, there will be more and more
information at our web site:


We live in uncertain times, and there are still so many factors that can
force us to cancel the event, but I'm trying not to dwell on that.

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